<< We played in Barcelona the week of October 1st

It felt really painful to us; it was our first time there. >>


 Client Liaison caught our eye (and ears) for a good number of reasons: the amazingly well achieved 90s vibe that surrounds all of their acts, their frenchified name, their extravagant look, and of course, their unique, fun, clever and new music sound. Watch this video if you don´t trust us: it summarizes all of the above.  

 Monte and Harvey created this band in 2009 when they met in Melbourne. The name? “I overheard the term “client liaison” at a conversation between my former boss and former colleague at a work meeting”, Harvey explains. As Picasso would put it, inspiration exists but it has to find you working. Like, literally. 

 The name of the band was a stroke of luck and their encounter was yet another one. “Harvey was studying Art School and I was in Creative Arts - Monte explains - so yes we were both at Art School, nothing music related. However, we shared the same interest and eventually we started to make music together. Art impacts our acts now: they are very visual and we carry both the skills we learned back in school.” 

 Their first self-titled EP came out in 2014 and their first studio album was released two years later, “Diplomatic Immunity”, rated 4 out of 5 by The Rolling Stone, The Guardian and Wonderland. Also greatly received by the Aussie (and not so Aussie) public. 

 For their latest work the duo has collaborated with special guests Tina Arena and Flight Facilities, among others. “The collaboration with Flight Facilities was real fun. We wrote some songs and they came to the studio to help us with the production, specifically with “World of Our Love”, which is a single of the album. They have a great way of arranging things; they kind of knew how to set the time for this track. They´ve always been very helpful.”

 With two releases and a few collaborations behind their backs, the duo is currently in the middle of a tour that will take them to Austria, UK and their hometown, among others. “We also visited Spain, we played at Razzmataz last October 7th” Of course, they felt the chaos in the city. “We were there for the first time and it felt really painful. But we really liked the people, the food. It is a very cool city and we can´t wait to come back”. 

 What´s next? “After the tour we will come back to the studio to record some new material we´ve got, for our next album.” And more:  I ask them about their other interest, fashion. Indeed, the duo has designed a line of clothes for the top selling fashion store Urban Outfitters. “We created a line of clothes and we are selling it there, it is a very exciting project.” 

 Pop, colors, art, joy, disco and a lot of hairspray. These two gentlemen will transport you to a Miami Vice world that will make you dance until very late, clothes included.